Why Should I Be Interested in a Judicial Clerkship?

Judicial clerkships can be valuable additions to your professional career. You should strongly consider applying for a post-graduation judicial clerkship, whether at the federal or state-level.  A clerkship allows you to work closely with a judge, generally for one to two years.  Some judges will even offer permanent, or “career” clerkships.  Clerks have the opportunity to examine the judicial process from the perspective of a judge.  These opportunities will sharpen the law clerk’s legal skills and expand their understanding of the judicial system.

Clerkships may also help to open doors with certain employers.  A prospective employer may presume that a candidate who is bright and ambitious enough to land a clerkship will be an asset to that employer, or that the candidate will have enhanced analytical and writing abilities as a result of the clerkship.  An employer may also believe that a candidate who has completed a clerkship with a particular judge will have special insight into that judge’s reasoning and viewpoints—all of which may be helpful if attorneys working for that employer regularly appear before that judge.  Some will even pay hiring bonuses to attorneys who have completed them.

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