What Are the Best (and Worst) Ways to Submit Application Materials Outside of OCI?

How does one apply to legal employers who are NOT coming to campus, who have not provided clear instructions on how to apply, or who may not have even posted a job (but you still want to let them know you are very interested in them)? There is no absolutely best way to submit applications to these potential employers, because employers differ in their preferences for paper versus e-mail. Some smaller firms still prefer paper copies, while many larger firms prefer e-mailed resumes and cover letters. If you can find an email for a recruiting contact, you might email your application and follow up within a day with a phone call. Avoid using the “contact us” form on an employer’s website to submit your application. The purpose of “contact us” forms is to generate leads for potential clients, not potential law clerks or associates. Read on for more tips from a real local hiring attorney!