Tips for Your Mock Interview

Reminder:  your mock interview cover letters and your resume must be uploaded into Symplicity today, January 12!  They will be emailed to the interviewers Wednesday.  Read on for more tips for your interview next week.

  • Attend the Insider’s Guide to Interviewing Workshoptomorrow, January 13, at 12:15 in Room 107.   Speakers will include attorney Jonathan Pappasideris of Ray Quinney & Nebeker; PDO Director Anneliese Booher; and Lexis-Nexis representative Kristy Ballard.  If you attend this, you will be ahead of the interviewing game, and your mock interview will much more productive.
  • Do follow up research (you should have already done some for the cover letter you drafted) about the attorney/organization and prepare some questions to ask during the interview.  Review this handout on possible questions to ask (think of your own as well!), and questions you may be asked:
  • Bring a copy of your résumé printed on quality paper—and, more critically, be certain that you can coherently discuss what is on it!  It will be the basis for most questions in real-life interviews.
  • Dress professionally—meaning, wear a suit.
  • Arrive five minutes early.  Knock firmly and loudly at your appointed time.
  • Seek a critique after the mock interview concludes. Take note of the advice (and, it should go without saying, don’t argue with the interviewer). Come talk to PDO later if you have any concerns, think you are getting conflicting advice, or have other feedback for us. In other words, let us know how it goes—but keep in mind, even what you think may have been a “bad” mock interview is helpful. You will be less nervous for the real thing, and you will be more prepared for any similar issues which arise during future interviews.
  • Thank the interviewer for their time before you leave.
  • Send the interviewer a thank you note, either handwritten or via email, within 24 hours of the interview.
  • Review the other handouts on interviewing in the PDO folder, accessible on the shared network via JOE.