Tips for Your Mock Interview

Are you doing one (or more) of the nearly 150 Mock Interviews that will take place here on campus this week?  If so, here are just a few last minute tips.

1. Prepare for the interview by reviewing the resume and cover letter you submitted. 

2. Know just a little about the attorney you are meeting, and be prepared to ask a few open-ended questions, such as how they like what they do, how their career path led them to their current employer, and what kinds of things a typical week might hold for them.

3. Arrive at your assigned room a minute or two before your appointed time.  If you interview tonight or Wednesday night, should have received an email from Anneliese letting you know of your room assignment.  At your appointed time, knock firmly and wait to be invited inside.

4. Appear happy to be in the interview, and just a little bit confident, without being arrogant, of course.  You don’t need to tell an interviewer that you are “just a 1L” if that is the case–they can tell that from your cover letter. 

5. Try to avoid visibly looking nervous (fidgeting, avoiding eye-contact, etc) and take a few deep breaths before walking into an interview.  In the past, attorneys have suggested wiping your hands against your pants or skirt before shaking hands with an interviewer, if they feel clammy or sweaty. 

6. If something strange happens, or you get advice that you want to discuss with PDO, come by our offices.  We are here every night of the Mock Interview program.