Tip of the Week: Think Before You Act or Enter Crim Pro Class Wearing Full SWAT Gear

Another real world example of a law student failing to pause and think before acting in a less than professional manner at the law school.  Don’t let this happen to you (ok, the chances are small)!  Last Thursday, a law student at a college to the south entered a criminal procedure class in full SWAT gear (supposedly a Halloween costume)—on a day when Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff was a guest lecturer.  After being detained by police, he was allowed to re-enter class, sans, of course, the SWAT outfit.  (See http://abovethelaw.com/2009/11/byu_law_bad_costume_idea.php#more).   For his actions, this student garnered the dubious distinction of “Law Student of the Day” on abovethelaw.com, and (assuming the story is accurate) has probably led many classmates and others to question his judgment.