The Rise, Fall, and Re-creation of the Counter-terrorism Simulation (Part 1)

By Aaron Dewald

You’ve likely heard about the Counter-terrorism Simulation that we put on every Spring.  We’ve been going strong for around 6 years!  Today is the first post of two where I talk a little bit about the history and evolution of the Simulation.  If you’ve ever been interested in how it works, read part 1 of the story over at the Law School Ed Tech blog

Sometimes, we get lost in the excitement of technologies. When you’re a hammer, all you see is nails, right?.  It’s like that for us.  Every problem or situation we see can be “improved” with technology. Last year at CALI, I talked a little about this… the “shiny object syndrome” we often develop… looking for places technology can be used.

My story over the next few postings will be just about that.  We had carte blanche over a newly created program at the College of Law (CoL) called, “The Counter-terrorism Simulation.”  Like kids in a candy store, we saw this as an opportunity to show the awesomeness that is technology, and make the other faculty come knocking at our door.  Unfortunately, the story wouldn’t play out like that.  I’m going to tell you how it did.