The Northwest Consortium Judicial Clerkship Database

 Are you seeking a post-graduate judicial clerkship?  You should be aware of the online Northwest Consortium Judicial Clerkship Database.  It contains contact information, hiring criteria, vacancy dates and application materials for many Western-U.S. state and federal district court judges and many federal appellate and specialty courts.  Find it by clicking .  PDO and other career offices in the Northwest Consortium of law schools update the database every summer.  As of this week, PDO has just updated most of the federal and state court judges within Utah, and you can log into the database by obtaining the password from the list located within the Document Library on Symplicity.   

You should also be aware that the following judges may have openings in the near future.  Please see the Northwest Consortium Judicial Clerkship Database for more detail:

Judge Clark Waddoups, U.S. District Court, District of Utah, has 2 clerks who have been clerking for 4- year terms.  There is a clerk who will be leaving and they may be hiring for the position, beginning in 2012 and will go until 2014 or 2016 (2-4 year term, 4 years preferred).  They will be deciding within the month whether they will or will not fill the position.   Please watch the website for more information:

Judge Michael Murphy, Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, may be accepting applications this fall for a law clerk position (one-year) beginning Fall 2012.  It is anticipated that he will post the opening on OSCAR.  If you do not already have an account, you should create one and begin preparing your documents.  Keep checking the website for updates:  

Judge Bruce S. Jenkins, U.S. District Court, District of Utah, may have a clerk position available beginning this Fall.  Recent graduates should apply ASAP and directly to the chambers if interested.  The court will contact those they are interested in interviewing, should a position definitely become available. 


As many of you are already aware, judicial externship opportunities are available with many federal and state judges each year.  If you would be interested in working as an extern for a judge in the near future, the Northwestern Consortium Database is a good resource in order to find out whether you should apply directly through the chambers or through the Clinical Department, as they facilitate many of these externships with during the academic year and the summer.