Wallace Stegner Center 26th Annual Symposium – “The Plastics Paradox: Societal Boon or Environmental Bane?”

The Wallace Stegner Center’s 26th annual symposium on “The Plastics Paradox: Societal Boon or Environmental Bane?” to be held on Thursday to Friday, March 25-26, 2021, will be held virtually, bringing together speakers and attendees from across the country. The program will explore the role of plastics in the modern world; the environmental impacts of […]

Apply For the Short Course on Natural Resources Collaboration

    Photo credit: Dwight Butler By Nedra Chandler for EDRBlog.org “The Short Course on Effective Natural Resources Collaboration has been an amazing opportunity for me as a professional. The practical skills and concepts presented are invaluable for work settings as well as in life situations—not to mention the tremendous value in developing a peer-to-peer […]

Leveraging the Gains of Collaborative Practice

By Daniel Kemmis I still remember an episode that occurred during one of my early terms in the Montana House of Representatives, back in the 1970s.  I don’t recall the specific issue being debated, but for some reason, I thought it germane to mention my upbringing on a small family farm in eastern Montana.  What […]

Illuminating Collaborative Leadership

By Deb Halliday This post originally appeared on Halliday and Associates’ website on September 26, 2020. We are reposting it with the Deb Halliday’s permission. On cultivating mindset and aligning intention for effective community change This blog is based on a workshop I conducted at the Montana Nonprofit Association Resolve 2020 virtual conference. What’s the […]

Invitation to Join Our Efforts in 2021

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi Dear EDR Blog readers: Now more than ever, we are convinced that people need to—and can—work together to make change for the better. Doing so, we believe, will require that we all invest in our self-awareness and skills for dialogue, […]

Leaders should seek cooperation and collaboration, not compromise

By Michele Straube This post originally appeared in the Salt Lake Tribune on November 13, 2020. We are reposting it with Salt Lake Tribune’s and Michele Straube’s permission. Almost immediately after news agencies called the election for President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, pundits and others were talking about the need to work […]

Navigating complex public issues: A comparison of two facilitation approaches to group decision-making

By Sarah Daitch & Jordi Honey-Rosés Poor preparation and facilitation can lead to participants feeling underappreciated, not listened to or frustrated. The way dialogues are designed and facilitated, in particular for decision making on issues of public concern, can make an immense difference when it comes to meaningfully engaging citizens and fostering collaboration. However, the […]

Floods, Fires, Drought and More: The Climate is Changing and Dispute Resolution Tools are Needed (Now!)

By Lara B. Fowler This post originally appeared on Indisputably, the Dispute Resolution Law Professors Blog as part of the Theory-of-Change Symposium on January 19, 2020. We are reposting a revised version of the blog with the author’s permission. The Crisis and Opportunities in Climate Change As I watch the news from California of the […]

Changing Consultation for the Better: Two Case Examples

By Elizabeth Kronk Warner, Kathy Lynn, and Kyle Whyte for EDRBlog.org This blog post is the second of a two-part blog series and is based on the authors’ forthcoming article on the same topic published by the U.C. Davis Law Review. We are posting a summarized version of the article in two parts with U.C. […]

Bridging the Rural/Urban Divide on the Environment

A Wallace Stegner Center Green Bag 12:00 p.m., Webinar link opens, 12:15 p.m., Event start, Zoom Webinar Link  » Rural Americans matter—a lot—to the fate of U.S. environmental policy. Not only do farmers, ranchers, and forest owners manage huge portions of American lands and watersheds, but rural voters also have an outsized impact on national […]