Deseret News features S.J. Quinney College of Law graduate Kim Reeves

The Deseret News recently featured the story of University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law new graduate Kim Reeves. The story was also picked up by the Associated Press and ran in several national outlets, including U.S. News & World Report.  Reeves was one of 97 students to graduate from the S.J. Quinney College […]

Addressing the Challenges of Enforcing the Law on the Dark Web

By Clayton Davis for The landscape of law enforcement has changed as a result of the dramatic increase in criminal activity committed by means of the internet. While vast advancements in technology may lead one to believe that tracking criminals on the internet should be a distinct possibility, the reality of the situation is […]

To Catch a Predator Abroad: A Call for Greater Extraterritorial Enforcement of Sexual Exploitation of Children

By Michelle Kfoury for  Click. An image of a grown man sodomizing his eleven-year old niece. Click. A video of a four-year-old boy enduring sexually sadistic torture. Click. A sexual predator escaping arrest in a country that does not criminalize sexual exploitation of children. This all-too-common scenario is the unfortunate reality of many sexual […]

To Catch a Criminal: Hacking into the Dark Web and International Law Implications

By Natalie Edmundson for The “dark web” is fertile ground for criminal activity, nourished by ever-evolving technology presenting ongoing challenges for governments. In May 2017, in what is being regarded as the biggest cyberattack in history, a malicious software known as “WannaCry” targeted the U.K.’s National Health Service.[1] It has been reported that this […]

Effect of Torture on the Torturer

By Melinda Dee for After September 11, 2001, the United States justified the use of torture, or coercive interrogation, with the threat of future terrorist attacks.[1] There are numerous studies about the effects of torture on the people who were tortured. However, there is not much information about the effects of torture on the […]

Salim and the Political Implications of Torture in 2017

Scotti A. Hill for GlobalJusticeBlog The 2016 campaign trail was replete with irregular statements from one of America’s most unconventional candidates.  “Don’t tell me it doesn’t work — torture works,”[1] Donald Trump emphatically stated at a campaign event to a retirement community in February 2016. In his call to be tougher on terrorism, Trump went […]

A New Way Forward in the Fight Against Human Trafficking

By Megan Crehan for The term “human trafficking” may be relatively new but the concept is hardly a modern invention. In its current form, human trafficking encompasses the practices of forced labour and sex trafficking.  The use of these practices dates back to ancient civilizations like those of Ancient Egypt, dating from 1550-1175 BCE.  Currently, […]

The Link Between Terrorism and Drug Trafficking

By Trajan Evans for There is a direct link between terrorism and international illicit drug markets. UNODC Senior Terrorism Prevention Officer Irka Kuleshnyk said, “While it is difficult to establish how widely terrorist groups are involved in the illicit drug trade, or the breadth and nature of cooperation between these two criminal groups, the magnitude […]

Orme receives honorable mention in essay competition

University of Utah law graduate Kylie Orme has received an honorable mention in an essay competition sponsored by the American Association for Advancement of Science (AAAS) Science and Human Rights Coalition. Orme, who graduated in May, was recognized for her essay titled ““Mr. Robot: Morality, AI, and Personhood.”  The essay was about the idea of […]

President Trump’s Proposed Budget Cuts to the National Institutes of Health

By Alexis Juergens for President Trump released his preliminary 2018 budget plan on March 15th. While the budget plan proposes decreased federal funding in several areas, one of the agency’s receiving a cut in their budget is the National Institute of Health (“NIH”). The budget proposes to reduce NIH funding by 18%; this equates […]