Do Cows Come to Consensus? Exploring What Humans and Animals Might Have in Common When it Comes to Dispute Resolution

By Leanne Bernstein Do elephants experience empathy? Do artic foxes argue? Do narwhals negotiate? Do raccoons reconcile? Dr. Frans de Waal explores these ideas in his recent book, Mama’s Last Hug: Animal Emotions and What They Tell Us about Ourselves. Dr. de Waal, a Dutch-American biologist and primatologist, has been studying animal emotions for decades. […]

Why “Progress” Fits Natural Resource Conflict Management Better than “Success”

By Steve Daniels for As a practicing environmental facilitator/mediator, I am frequently asked if a process succeeded; it seems politicians and the news media are particularly fond of that question. But a research project that I did many years ago, combined with my own practical experience, have convinced me that in many situations “making […]

Apply for the Short Course on Effective Natural Resources Collaboration

By Katherine Daly Consider words like personal, effective, and awesome. What might they describe? Here’s a hint: Short Course. That’s right! These words describe the Short Course on Effective Natural Resources Collaboration. Every word in the cloud above comes from participants in the 2018 cohort, who shared their reflections on the Short Course with us. […]

The Path of Collaboration in Harney County, Oregon

By Steven C. Beda for Harney County, Oregon is broad, flat, and expansive. Were the title not already claimed by Montana, this place could be properly called big sky country. The one exception to Harney County’s flat landscape is the Steens Mountains: a hulking formation of basalt and rhyolite lava flows left over from […]

A New Era in Collaborative Forest Restoration: Working Towards Long-Term, Large-Scale, and High-Capacity Collaboration

By William Butler for Dr. Courtney Schultz of Colorado State University and I have been researching and engaging with professionals involved in the Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program (CFLRP) for almost a decade now. This program offers an extraordinary opportunity to explore questions of collaborative governance in public lands management involving multiple cases over […]

EDR Blog Year in Review: 2018

By Angela Turnbow What strikes me most at the close of another year for the EDR Blog is the perseverance and determination I see happening in the field of environmental dispute resolution (EDR). Despite the ongoing obstacles encountered—disgruntled parties, stakeholders unwilling to collaborate, or the seeming lack of interest in participation—those involved in EDR and […]

Collaborating on Air Quality: From Pollution to Solution

By Danya Rumore This time of year, one thing seems to be on the mind of just about everyone in the Salt Lake Valley: air quality. Air quality is striking in the fact that pretty much everyone in the Salt Lake Valley agrees it is a problem and wants it to be improved. Yet, despite […]

Energy Siting Can Be Incendiary

By Patrick Field This post originally appeared on Consensus Building Institute’s blog on October 1, 2018. We are reposting it with Patrick Field’s permission. Energy extraction and production have powerfully shaped the American landscape over the last hundred years. Blessed with extraordinary natural resources, among many other attributes, the United States has built the largest […]

Great Salt Lake Stink Tank: Moving a Dialogue on Collaboration Forward

By Skye Sieber and Jaimi Butler for Earlier this summer, we attended the Dialogue on Collaboration focused on Great Salt Lake. One prominent theme we heard and that collectively emerged during the individual small group discussions was the lack of (and need for) greater public awareness about the importance of Great Salt Lake. While […]

Can EDR Practices Benefit from Learner-Centered Teaching Strategies?

By CK Miller for It’s a lush forest scene: trees surround you, the ground is moist and spongy with moss, and above you stretches a seemingly endless canopy filled with lianas and vines. If I ask you to notice all the different green items in this environment, some would immediately pop out: such as […]