Five things I learned at the Reinvent Law Conference in Silicon Valley

by Aaron Dewald (@drtriathlon) “The future is already here.” This was the general idea that I got when I attended the first Silicon Valley Reinvent Law conference. I flew out to Mountain View with the director of marketing at the College of Law, Dana Wilson, to check out the conference. Since we’ve started the Center for Innovation in […]

Gladwell Quoted in New York Times

Dennis A. Gladwell, Director of the University Law Group, is quoted in a March 8, 2013 New York Times article addressing the efforts of law schools across the nation to place recently graduated law students in non-profit firms to better prepare them for practice. These non-profit firms are either partnered or operated by law schools as […]

Iraqi Delegation Visits College of Law for Discussion of Legislative Process

On Friday, February 15, 2013, a delegation of visitors from Iraq joined Professors Wayne McCormack and Alexander Skibine for a discussion of the legislative process under the federal system of government and the role of the media in influencing public policy in America. The delegation of visitors consisted of members of the Iraqi Kurdistan Parliament […]

Blending the First-Year Legal Classroom

Just posted a new blog at the Law School Ed Tech blog.  Today’s post is about flipping a first-year class, Contracts, by using online multimedia articles. With all the talk about blended learning, flipped classrooms, and the like, we wanted to visualize what that might look like in the legal classroom, but first lets take […]

The Rise, Fall, and Re-creation of the Counter-terrorism Simulation (Part 2)

By Aaron Dewald I posted part 2 of my blog today at the Law School Ed Tech Blog.  Here’s an excerpt: We needed to change the model. We equated high technology usage and realism with good learning outcomes. We never stopped to ask ourselves and assess ourselves if the technology facilitated a good learning environment to […]

The Rise, Fall, and Re-creation of the Counter-terrorism Simulation (Part 1)

By Aaron Dewald You’ve likely heard about the Counter-terrorism Simulation that we put on every Spring.  We’ve been going strong for around 6 years!  Today is the first post of two where I talk a little bit about the history and evolution of the Simulation.  If you’ve ever been interested in how it works, read […]

Dewald Guest Blogger for Law School Educational Technology Blog

For the month of Dec/Jan, Aaron Dewald will be the guest blogger for the Law School Educational Technology Blog hosted by the Computer Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI) organization.

University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law Ranked Among "Best Value" and "Most Innovative" Law Schools

The September issue of the National Jurist, a leading news source in legal education with a reach of 100,000 readers, highlighted the University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law (the “U”), which was ranked in the top twenty law schools for both “best value” and “most innovative.”

As the article notes, the data previously used by the ABA in its Official Guide to Law Schools consisted of an “overall-employed” number that aggregated a variety of non-legal jobs, part-time positions and temporary placements. The new, more detailed data the ABA now collects, which was used by the National Jurist, led to some schools dropping in the rankings or falling out of the top 20.

In the National Jurist’s annual rankings of “Best Value Law Schools” the U ranked 19th of the more than 200 ABA-accredited law schools evaluated in the study. In the words of the article, the rankings were determined by lending “full weight to full-time bar-passage-required employment.” All other employment was calculated at a discounted percentage.

College of Law Students Respond to Mock Terrorism Threats in Counter-terrorism Simulations, March 30

On Friday, March 30, the University of Utah College of Law will host a series of three counter-terrorism simulations designed to simulate lifelike, high-intensity situations involving legal and ethical dilemmas.  The simulations will be streamed live at from 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Amos Guiora, a Professor of Law at the University of Utah […]

Dewald Participates in Widener Law School Panel

On February 3, Aaron Dewald, Director of the Technology Initiative, participated in a panel at Widener Law School in Wilmington Delaware, centered around the use of technology in legal education. The presentation was designed to inform law faculty of technology integration into their curriculum, as well as offering law professors ways to incorporate active learning […]