26- Student Complaint Procedures

Student Complaint Procedures

The College of Law provides the following complaint procedure for students wishing to bring formal or informal complaints. This policy does not supplant University complaint procedures, but rather, merely supplements them.

If students have general complaints or concerns regarding law school policy or procedures, including compliance with ABA standards, students may register either an informal or a formal complaint.

(a) Informal Complaint Process. If students have an informal complaint, they should register their concerns with the Associate Dean for Student Affairs, who will then work with the relevant law school personnel to address the concern.

(b) Formal Complaint Process. A student may file a formal, written complaint via email with the Associate Dean for Student Affairs (or the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs if more appropriate). Such complaints must be designated as the student as a “formal complaint.” Any formal complaint referencing a faculty member will also be provided to the faculty member, and the faculty member will have the right to respond. Within 5 business days of receipt of the complaint, the pertinent Associate Dean will acknowledge, via email, receipt of the complaint. Within 14 days of receipt of the complaint, the Associate Dean shall meet with the complaining student and initiate an investigation regarding the complaint. Within 30 days of receipt of the complaint, the Associate Dean will either send a written response, via email, to the complaining student addressing the substance of the complaint or inform the complaining student that further investigation is necessary and give a reasonable estimate of date by which the investigation and decision regarding the complaint will be completed. If the complaining student is dissatisfied with the decision of the Associate Dean, the student has the right to appeal such decision to the Dean of the College within 14 days of receipt of the written decision from the Associate Dean. Within 30 days of the receipt of the written appeal from the complaining student, the Dean shall issue a written decision, via email, to the complaining student. The decision of the Dean of the Law School shall be final.