22- Posting of Signs/Notices

Posting of Signs/Notices

The University of Utah has adopted regulations regarding the posting of signs, notices and posters on campus. The procedures stated here carry out the University regulations.

1. Identification
The name of the author or sponsor must be clearly identified on all posted material. Organizations may not use “University of Utah” as part of the organization’s name. “University of Utah” may not be used on posted materials, except to indicate the location of an event.

2. Members of the Law School Community
Current student, faculty and staff of the College of Law may post signs, notices and posters in the Law School without obtaining prior approval, subject to the following restrictions:

  • Personal postings (e.g., items for sale, roommate notices, etc.) should be posted on the student bulletin board in the Student Activities Center.
  • Postings should not be placed on glass doors, wood or painted surfaces, on student mailbox cases or in the law library except on the kiosk near the main entrance.
  • Postings placed on bulletin boards designated for a specific use should conform to that use.
  • Members of the Law School Community who post items in the law school should remove the postings on a timely basis.
  • Postings should contain a visible expiration date not to exceed 15 calendar days from the date of posting. Exceptions may be granted by the Director of Administrative Services.
  • Postings which have expired, which have no expiration date, or which are posted in an inappropriate locations will be removed.

3. Posting by Commercial Entities and Other Non-Members of the Law School Community
Commercial entities and other non-members of the Law School Community must obtain prior permission, including the appropriate stamp, from the University’s Scheduling Office, pursuant to the University’s speech regulations.

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