Kids’ Court Student Coordinator Fellowship

Kids’ Court Student Coordinator Fellowship

Kids’ Court is a service-learning project where law students teach law-related and civics concepts, and prepare participating Northwest Middle School students for the Utah Law Related Education mock law trial competition. The Student Coordinator will be responsible for curriculum development, instruction, volunteer coordination, and logistics for the mock law competition and the academic year. Currently, Kids’ Court is part of the after-school program at Northwest Middle School. During the 2020-2021 academic year, Kids’ Court will be a part of an embedded course taught in partnership with a Northwest Middle School faculty member. The class period will take place from 2 PM to 2:50 PM (time is subject to change); thus, availability during the class timeframe is required. Kids’ Court has been ongoing for nearly a decade (previously at Rose Park Elementary School), with great influence on classroom behavior, academic performance, and goals for higher education in the community of students that have participated with the program.

Stipend for Academic Year
Tuition Benefit for Academic Year

First- and second-year students.
Demonstrated interest in law-related education and public service.
Demonstrated ability to work with diverse populations and elementary-age children.
Comply with University of Utah Safety of Minors Participating in University Programs Policy and background screening.
Prior Teaching experience is beneficial.

Application Requirements and Selection
Applicants must complete the Common App and provide the following:

  • a resume
  • a written personal statement (no more than 500 words) that addresses the personal qualifications, skills and experience required by the fellowship
  • two references with email addresses and business hour telephone numbers (include on resume)

Recipients will be selected by a committee of deans, the associate director admissions and financial aid, and the prior coordinator.