Stegner Symposium

1998 (3rd Annual) – The Legacy of Aldo Leopold (third annual) – Exploring the ways in which Aldo Leopold’s views, particularly the land ethic, have affected the current natural resource policy debate and are pertinent to future resource management decisions

1999 (4th Annual) – Where the Rivers Flow: Sharing Water Sheds and Boundaries

2000 (5th Annual) – The Presidency and the environment during the twentieth century and beyond

2001 (6th Annual) – Metropolitan Growth: Utah’s “Smart Growth” movement is steadily gaining momentum, but stronger financial support from Envision Utah is necessary for long-term success

2002 (7th Annual) – The Hundredth Meridian: The Legacies of Wallace Stegner and John Wesley Powell

2003 (8th Annual) – The Nuclear West: The American west as home to the Manhattan Project and the nuclear sites of the Cold War

2004 (9th Annual) –

2005 (10th Anniversary): Mozart of the Plains 10th Anniversary Celebration

2006 (11th Annual) – Global Climate Change: The Arctic to the American West

2007 (12th Annual)

2008 (13th Annual) – Alternative Energy: Seeking Climate Change Solutions

2009 (14th Annual) –

2010 (15th Annual)

2011 (16th Annual)

2012 (17th Annual)