Rumore’s MIT Research Cited on ClimateWire

DanyaRumoreThe research of Danya Rumore, Associate Director of the College of Law’s Environmental Dispute Resolution program, was cited on a ClimateWire story, “Small coastal towns get their feet wet in climate change planning.”

Rumore was part of a Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Consensus Building Institute team working to help coastal communities collaboratively move forward with preparing for the impacts of climate change, such as increased storm surges and flooding. Her research tested the effectiveness of science-based role-play simulations as a public education and engagement tool for climate change adaptation.

“The strongest power of these role-playing simulations is to have someone walk in another’s shoes,” said Danya Rumore, one of the project members from MIT and now a visiting professor at the University of Utah. “As you are trying to tackle these tricky issues, it can get people thinking, ‘How can we help others do their jobs better?’ or understanding this environmentalist isn’t an irrational being, for example.”

The research findings and lessons learned from the project are the subject of the book Managing Climate Risks in Coastal Communities: Strategies for Engagement, Readiness, and Adaptationwhich was published by Anthem Press fall 2015.

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