Rosky Research on Nature/Nurture Debate Draws Media Attention

Cliff_Rosky_qrhtc5A forthcoming article by Clifford Rosky, Professor of Law at the University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law, and Lisa Diamond, Professor of Psychology and Gender Studies at the U, is attracting interest from a variety of media outlets.

In addition to a recent RadioWest story, “Nature, Nurture, Sexuality, & Gender,” Rosky and Diamond’s research has also been covered by KUTV news, and other outlets have expressed interest.

The forthcoming paper seeks to clarify both scientific and legal questions, according to the KUTV story: “Among the points the professors want to make is that legally, it doesn’t matter whether you say you are born gay, or whether you say you choose to be gay.”

“Everyone is entitled to equal protection whether they are born gay or choose to be gay. It just doesn’t matter,” Rosky told KUTV.

Click here to access the KUTV story.