Rosky Interviewed by Fox 13 News on SCOTUS Same-Sex Marriage Case

Cliff_Rosky_qrhtc5On April 28, 2105, Professor Clifford Rosky was interviewed for two stories on Fox 13 regarding the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage decision.

Rosky was interviewed for the story “Experts weigh in on how SCOTUS ruling would affect Utahns” and the follow-up “Utahns rally as SCOTUS hears oral arguments for same-sex marriage.”

In the latter story, Rosky weighed in on the issue of what would happen if the high court ruled against same-sex marriage.

“If the Supreme Court were to go the other way, it would really be quite chaotic because there’d be more than a half million gay Americans who are married.  They would then have to figure out what to do with all those marriages,” Rosky said.