Rosky interviewed by Christian Science Monitor

Professor Cliff Rosky was interviewed by the Christian Science Monitor this week in connection with a story about members of the polygamous FLDS community who were charged with welfare fraud —but not polygamy.Cliff_Rosky_qrhtc5

The article explored the impact of the charges on polygamists who obey the law in other aspects of their lives.

An excerpt from the article states:

The state of Utah built its case with references to the Warren Jeffs community, as well as the fraud, abuse, and underage marriages for which the group is known to most Americans. But the state lost the case because the judge said the law attached jail time to a person’s belief, says Clifford Rosky, a law professor at the University of Utah. It is now being heard by the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, and the next stop could be the US Supreme Court.

“The idea that you could be thrown in jail just because of a belief that you have or something you say is unusual,” Dr. Roskey says. “There are very strong arguments that they should win and that they will.”