McCormack quoted in news on “Drone Metaphysics in the Age of Trump.”

University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law Professor Wayne McCormack was quoted in an article by the Globe Post titled “Drone Metaphysics in the Age of Trump.”

McCormack states in the publication:

“There are many knowledgeable people who say that artificial intelligence will inevitably overtake humans’ ability to control it,” Mr. McCormack said. “I doubt that ‘The Matrix’ could become reality before humans become extinct for other reasons, but I don’t bet on any future predictions, my own or others.”

Because of cyber capabilities, for example, the infrastructure of an ent

Wayne McCormack. Photo by Austen Diamond.

ire nation can be destroyed with the push of a button, he added.

“Could the machine push the button itself?” McCormack asked. “I have no idea why my electronic gadgets do some of the things they do, so how can we know whether one of them will take its own destructive course at some point? Can we stop it?”