Mallat Interviewed by Oxford University Press’s OUP Blog

On March 16 2015, S.J. Quinney College of Law Professor Chibli Mallet was interviewed by OUP Blog is a post titled “Nonviolence, revolution, and the Arab Spring.”

In 2011, the Middle East saw more people peacefully protesting long-entrenched dictatorships than at any time in its history. The dictators of Tunisia, Egypt, and Yemen were deposed in a matter of weeks by nonviolent marches. Described as ‘the Arab Spring’, the revolution has been convulsing the whole region ever since. We sat down with Chibli Mallat — legal practitioner, academic, rule of law and human rights proponent, and author of the newly released book Philosophy of Nonviolence: Revolution, Constitutionalism, and Justice beyond the Middle East — to discuss how 2011 may have ushered in a fundamental break in world history, a break animated by nonviolence.

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