College of Law work on mobile home park issues featured in The Salt Lake Tribune

A story in the Dec. 21 print edition of The Salt Lake Tribune covered work done by S.J. Quinney College of Law students and University of Utah Professor Linda Smith related to mobile home park issues.

A law school recently issued a report and recommendations to a legislative subcommittee regarding the Mobile Home Park Residency Act and a helpline the team has operated for the past 14 months.  The report recommends disbanding the helpline and establishing legal mechanisms to enforce the Act. Linda_Smith_nh0kr3

In 2015 the Utah State Legislature tapped and funded the College of Law to operate a Mobile Home Park Helpline to provide information to residents and owners of mobile home parks and to collect information about the problems faced by the individuals who called the helpline.

The team (nine students, two supervising attorneys, and Professor Linda F. Smith) fielded calls from 123 different individuals from at least 10 different counties who raised 240 separate issues. The most serious calls involved mobile home parks allegedly violating the Act by unreasonably denying a home owner’s right to sell the mobile home in place to a new person who would become a resident in the park. Some callers alleged that parks denied permission in order to purchase the homes themselves (at a cheaper price) effectively deny the home owners the value of their investments.  Other alleged violations included parks charging more for utilities than their costs, and unreasonable rules and rule enforcement.

The Tribune explored the issue in a front page story. Read the full story here.