Chatterjee participates in symposium on Civil-Military Alliance

Deen Chatterjee, a senior fellow at the S.J. Quinney College of Law, was invited by Tuft University’s Institute for Global Leadership to participate in a two-day symposium on Civil-Military Alliance to commemorate the Veterans Day weekend on Nov. 10-11 at Tufts University. The institute works to bridge the civil-military gap and foster lasting relationships between future civilian and military leaders. The theme of the symposium was “Arms Beyond Borders: Defense, the Arms Trade, and International Intervention.”  

Other participants at the event included Douglas Farah, senior associate, Center for Strategic and International Studies; Jeff Abramson, senior fellow, Arms Control Association; Miriam Pemberton, director, Peace Economy Transition Project, Institute for Policy Studies; and Paul Stares, senior fellow for Conflict Prevention, Council on Foreign Relations.