Should I Write On to a Journal?

Plan to attend the Journal info session this Thursday, March 8, at 12:15 in Room 106.  Cookies & milk provided.  RSVP by clicking HERE. If you are wondering whether PDO  thinks it is worth it to write on to a journal, read on. (Short answer for most all folks-definitely!) 

 This spring, just after classes end, you will have the chance to “write on” to one of the College of Law’s three journals—the Journal of Law and Family Studies, the Utah Environmental Law Review, and the Utah Law Review.   This means you will get to prepare a written submission which will be reviewed by journal editors.  Based on those submissions, editors decide who they would like to invite to be on their staff.  If you are selected (most people who write on are selected for one of the journals), you will get to review the substance and citations of academic articles submitted by others for publication, edit articles, and draft articles for possible publication. 

Why do a journal, when it seems like a lot of work? Well, Eugene Volokh pretty much sums it up in an article from his blog, Volokh Conspiracy, which you can find by clicking this link: .  In short, employers (judges, firms, and government) all generally find work on a journal to be prestigious and useful.  Journal experience can help get you in the door for jobs and prestigious internships.  If you are interested in a post-graduate judicial clerkship, you should definitely try for a journal—it is often a requirement for this particular type of job.  Additionally, you will come out of the experience a better writer and editor, and will know your citation formats inside and out (saving you time in the future, hopefully).  You might get an article of your own published, which would be cool.  You will definitely come away with a great writing sample, and having bonded with some of your classmates.  My opinion is, unless you can articulate a great reason not to try for a journal, you should do it.  Please feel free to visit PDO if you want to discuss it.