Searching for and applying for clerkships? Here are some great resources–top 7 from students and alums and other ideas!

In this article, PDO has compiled the top 7 resources according to informal conversations with several 3L’s and alums who have landed clerkships.  We have also provided links to other great resources for researching clerkship options. 

Top 7 resources used by students and alums:

1.  OSCAR and Federal Courts websites for federal positions. 2L’s will be able to register with OSCAR in May (we are waiting for the firm date from OSCAR) by going to

2. Utah State Courts website for state positions.  Keep in mind this information is not always 100% accurate.  Sometimes, this website indicates that the judge is not hiring when PDO or other students have confirmed otherwise.  PDO will let you know any information when we know.

3.  Meeting and talking with PDO for resume reviews, advice and updates on open clerk positions. Pretty self explanatory.  Read your emails. 

4. Talking with current clerks while doing a judicial clinic—including to learn about the different judges’ varying interview styles.

5. Meeting with Professor Amy Wildermuth and reviewing her handouts. These handouts are available on Symplicity in the Document Library.

6. Talking with other law professors.

7. Attending panels where current and former clerks are speaking.

Other good resources:

  • Username and password are in Symplicity in the Document Library, in the document “PDO Passwords.”
  • (information about federal “hiring plan”—relevant to the extent that judges actually stick to the plan)
  • (general judicial clerkship information)
  • (federal clerk job listings)
  • (links to state court websites from all 50 states)
  • (links to federal court websites)
  • (biographies for federal judges)
  • (general judicial clerkship information)
  • Clerks (message board)
  • (search for judicial clerkship positions)
  • (information on federal hiring plan timeline)
  • (information on judicial clerkships)
  • (find former federal law clerks)