Thomas Lund

Professor Emeritus

Thomas A. Lund was a faculty member of the S.J. Quinney College of Law since 1979. He is an expert on English medieval law and American law of disadvantaged groups. Professor Lund was educated at Horace Mann School, Harvard College, and Columbia Law School. His book American Wildlife Law was published in 1980. An Environmental Affairs review described Lund as “probably the leading authority on the history of wildlife law.” Lund has written about medieval law for many years.

Professor of Law Emeritus, University of Utah S. J. Quinney College of Law 2021.

B.A. Harvard College (1964); LL.B. Columbia Law School (1967); D. Phil. Oxford University (1978).

Assistant Professor of Law, University of Georgia 1967-69; Associate Professor/Professor of Law, University of Houston 1974-79; Professor of Law, University of Utah, 1979-2020.

The Creation of the Common Law: The Medieval Year Books Deciphered (2015). University of Utah Distinguished Teaching Award (1997). Expert Witness, Mille Lacs v. Minnesota (1994).