Professional Etiquette During Presentations

PDO really appreciates the enthusiasm and participation at our events/workshops this year.  However, PDO has a request for students attending law school events:  be a respectful audience.  Most panels run from 12:15 until 1:15, allowing around 20 minutes for students to have a quick break before afternoon classes begin.  If possible, try not to leave a presentation early unless you are ill.  Students leaving in the middle of a presentation can be disruptive for the panelists and remaining audience members.  If you must leave, try to do so quietly.   Please try to have good eye contact with the speakers rather than looking at your laptops during a presentation or whispering to a neighbor.  If your eye contact is poor, the speaker may get the impression that you are not interested.  Our panelists are busy professionals who have taken time from their schedule to share information with you.  Please give them the courtesy of your attention.  Thank you!

We are always open to any suggestions that students have for new topics or improvements we can make in our events.  You can either email or leave us a note in the PDO mailbox in the main office, if you would rather be anonymous.