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What Lessons Are You Learning from Madame C?

By Nedra Chandler and Danya Rumore for Dear Readers, During these uncertain times, we have all had to adapt how we do our day-to-day activities and how we are being in our lives. This adaptation can be reactionary—changing how we do things without intention or awareness. Or the shifts we make can be intentional—responding […]

Apply for the Short Course on Effective Natural Resources Collaboration

By Nedra Chandler “Anyone who works with people on environmental issues will benefit from taking the course. The curriculum explores how and why people become committed to positions on environmental issues as well as tools you can use to open up dialogue about those positions. After taking the Short Course, I feel much more confident about […]

EDR Program Brings Process Innovation to You, Utah, & the Mountain West

By Nedra Chandler for Looking out my window at the Wasatch mountains today, in my new role as associate director at the Stegner Center’s Environmental Dispute Resolution (EDR) Program, I am musing about what ‘societies to match our scenery’ might require. Wallace Stegner wrote in an essay in 1969 that: “When [the West] fully […]