OCI Application Deadline Is Thursday at 5 PM

Congratulations if you have already submitted your applications for Fall OCI.  As of this writing, 442 applications had been made!  If you have not finished your applications, the deadline is fast approaching.  Thursday August 5 at 5 pm mountain time is the hard and fast deadline to apply; Symplicity locks students out of the application system at that time.  PDO strongly urges you not to wait until Thursday to submit your applications; if you have any unexpected problems, you may not have time to remedy them before the deadline.  The  OCI Application Cheat Sheet, which is found in the “Document Library” in Symplicity, lists nine pitfalls to avoid that are based on mistakes other students have made.  We’d rather not add your horror story as another item on that list!

Be sure to check your law school email frequently for OCI updates.  Even at this late date, Hawley Troxell Ennis & Hawley (Boise, ID) joined OCI this afternoon for a résumé collection (see Symplicity or Kay’s email earlier today for more information).  We will continue to email updated information. 

What’s next?  Beginning Friday, employers have ten days to review your applications and to decide who to interview.  On Tuesday August 17 at 8 am, you should log in to Symplicity to see whether you were “preselected” for an interview.  If you were preselected, the remaining interview slots will appear.  Interview slots are selected on a first-come basis, which is why you need to check Symplicity early on August 17 to see if you were preselected in order to get an interview time favorable to your schedule!   It is important that you try not to miss class, although sometimes it is unavoidable.   If you cannot schedule an interview because of conflicting interview times, contact Kay or Anneliese to see if we can help.  PDO sometimes asks students to switch interview times in order to overcome scheduling conflicts.  Thank you in advance for being flexible if you are asked to switch interview times; we only ask if our options are very limited.

Remember, if you are invited to interview, you must take the interview unless you have accepted another job offer.   Once you take an offer, please let PDO know as soon as possible.  If you have additional interviews scheduled, we will try to contact the employers to see if they have an alternate they would like to interview in your spot.  PDO will be giving you more advice about interviewing and accepting offers in the next Career Brief.  Save the date of Wednesday August 18 at 12:15 in Room 111 for a workshop on Interviewing Skills presented by Anneliese.