Students Play Leadership Roles in Response to Simulated Terror Attacks

On Friday, March 27, 24 students from Professor Amos Guiora’s “Global Perspectives on Counterterrorism” class were introduced to the pressures that come with leadership as they attempted to make sense of and develop coherent responses to simulated terrorist attacks in Tel Aviv, Washington, D.C., and San Francisco. For six hours, each participating student played a role, from U.S. and international officers to elected officials and media representatives.

As Guiora told the Deseret News, the simulation forced students to “make time-sensitive decisions while gathering and analyzing intelligence and weighing the implications of their decisions.”

As part of the intense simulation, isolated classrooms became situation rooms and the problems inherent in being spread out in isolated offices throughout the College of Law reflected the difficulties actual leaders face as they attempt to share information and develop coordinated responses to actual situations. Information was distributed through live news feeds, webcasts, video/teleconferencing, and similar electronic tools.

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