Rosky to Lecture on Religious Liberties and LGBT Rights at Westminster College, April 4

On April 4, Clifford Rosky, Associate Professor of Law the University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law, will ask the question “How can we navigate conflicts between religious liberties and LGBT rights—in higher education and elsewhere?” as part of Westminster College’s Diversity & Higher Education lecture series.

 Rosky’s lecture, to be held at 7:30 pm. in the Vieve Gore Concert Hall in the Emma Eccles Jones Conservatory, will examine the case of Christian Legal Society v. Hastings, in which a public law school in California was sued when it denied official recognition to an organization of Christian law students who refused to admit openly lesbian, gay, or bisexual members. Some critics argue quite forcefully that religious liberties and LGBT rights are in sharp conflict and that the recognition of LGBT rights leads inevitably to the erosion of religious liberties. But are we are always playing in a zero sum game, in which LGBT rights can only be won at the cost of religious liberties? Rosky suggests that while there are some conflicts between these rights, the conflicts are relatively rare and minor, and they can often be resolved by making common sense trade-offs informed by the diversity of religious beliefs about family, sexuality and gender in the United States.

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