Rosky Receives Dukeminier Award for Article

Professor Clifford Rosky has received a 2009 Dukeminier Award for his article, “Like Father, Like Son: Homosexuality, Parenthood, and the Gender of Homophobia,” which was published in the Yale Journal of Law & Feminism last year. The Dukeminier Awards are awarded by the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law to recognize and distribute the best articles published each year on sexual orientation and gender identity law.

The Williams Institute is an academic think tank focused on sexual orientation and gender identity law and public policy. Each year, UCLA faculty and students screen several hundred anonymous submissions to identity the top forty articles, which are closely analyzed in an annual seminar.  Seminar participants select ten finalists, and an editorial board of faculty and students chooses the best three to five articles of the year.  The winning articles are reprinted in a special issue of the The Dukeminier Journal, which is named in memory of Jesse J. Dukeminier, a member of the UCLA law faculty for 40 years.  Past award recipients include Professors Laurence Tribe, William Rubenstein, Eugene Volokh, and Kenji Yoshino.

To read an abstract of the article, click here.