Professor Guiora to Publish New Book on Religious Freedom

In December 2009, Oxford University Press will publish the forthcoming book by Quinney College Professor Amos Guiora. Titled Freedom of Religion-Freedom from Religion: Rights, Restrictions and Conflict: The Israeli, Netherlands, Turkish, US and UK Experiences, the book analyzes the confluence between three critical issues of our generation religion, national security and the law by examining the limits of religious speech, belief, and conduct. Guiora further explains that the book poses the questions of whether the right to practice religion is an absolute, or whether restrictions can be imposed; who is affected by the practice of religion; do we view religion as affecting members and non-members of a particular faith alike; under what conditions and circumstances are limits to be imposed; how do these limits “square” with constitutional guarantees regarding freedom of speech and freedom of religion? According to Guiora, answering these questions will encourage discussion amongst scholars, policy and decision makers and the general public.


Oxford University Press published Guiora’s Constitutional Limits on Coercive Interrogation in 2008 and in July will publish Guiora’s edited Top Ten Global Justice Law Review Articles, Volume I, a unique project in which Quinney Global Justice Think Tank students are involved.