Prof. McLaughlin Participates in Conservation Workshop at Stanford

Nancy McLaughlin, Robert W. Swenson Professor of Law at S.J. Quinney College of Law, was invited to participate in an exploratory workshop titled “Private Conservation Instruments and Policy in a Changing Climate” that was held at Stanford University on February 23-24, 2009.

Organized by the Woods Institute for the Environment and The Nature Conservancy, the workshop brought together a select group of scholars from the fields of law, science, and environmental policy to discuss ways by which existing conservation instruments can be modified to adapt to climate change as well as to developing new approaches. “A major reason for the workshop is the risk that conservation easements will not be able to achieve intended conservation outcomes in the future and the possibility that other legal instruments, such as contracts and leases, might perform better in achieving conservation results,” as noted in the invitation letter.

The two-day meeting resulted in “preliminary recommendations for changes in conservation law, policy, and practice…as well as an agenda for further analysis and outreach.” The Woods Institute and The Nature Conservancy will produce a public report based on the proposals from the workshop.