McCormack Interviewed on KSL About Petition to Secede in Wake of Obama Reelection

Wayne McCormack, Professor of Law at the University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law, was interviewed for a November 13 story about current online petitions to secede from the United States.

The electronic petitions, which are particularly popular in the Southern U.S., “were triggered by the president’s reelection,” according to the story.  Tea partiers in 30 states, including Utah, have signed the petitions.

In the story, McCormack explains the history of secession, focusing on efforts by Texas to secede during the Civil War. He also responds to concerns about the “potentially racist undertone” of the current petitions: “You’ll never get rid of racism any more than you’ll get rid of poverty and any more than you’ll get rid of crime or anything else negative in our society,” McCormack said. “But it’s not going to dominate, that’s not the way of the future.”

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