2L Connor Arrington explores interests through International Law Society, student opportunities

Connor Arrington has always been fascinated with international relations and more specifically by the dynamics that create international conflicts. His educational background reflects that passion. He earned a bachelor’s degree in history and international studies from the University of Utah and a master’s degree in international peace and conflict resolution from American University. While working for an international development agency in Washington D.C., he began to realize how important the legal field is to international relations.

“I felt like law was an avenue that could help me better understand some of the issues that create conflict in the international arena,” said Arrington, who is currently a 2L  at the S.J. Quinney College of Law. “And I knew there were some great legal minds here in Utah. That’s what led me to this law school.”

Connor Arrington

During his time at the College of Law, Arrington has worked hard to be an involved student and to find learning experiences outside the classroom by participating in several student organizations, including the International Law Society.

“I think students benefit from being involved in any of the student organizations,” he said. “They are run for the students, by the students. You get to set the agenda, work through the issues, and lead the discussion.”

Some of Arrington’s fondest law school memories come from student involvement opportunities. As president of the International Law Society, Arrington organized the annual International Food Fest event earlier this fall. After a hectic day that including delayed food orders and spilled Ethiopian food, he realized that the 2018 International Food Fest would be one law school experience he’d always remember.

“Organizing events can be a lot of work,” he said. “But you can look back on it later and say that it was worth it.”

Arrington has also found ways to explore his international interests by traveling outside the United States. During his 1L year, he was selected as one of four S.J. Quinney law students to attend the 2018 Oxford Human Rights Consortium at Oxford University.

“The workshop was empowering,” Arrington said. “It pushed us to discover our own unique contributions to potential conflict solutions, and we made lasting friendship and developed opportunities for collaboration with concerned peers from other U.S. institutions.”

When he envisions his future career, Arrington sees several paths he could take. He believes that a career focused on international water law or conflict negotiation would be a good fit for his interests. Along those lines, he also aspires to work on local and regional water issues in the western United States and is pondering work as a litigator as well.

“There are a  lot of things that fascinate me,” Arrington said. “You need to be ready and open-minded when those opportunities come your way.”