Holbrook Honored with UCCR’s Peacekeeper Award

On May 19, The Utah Council on Conflict Resolution (UCCR) honored Professor James Holbrook with its Peacekeeper award at their annual symposium.

The Peacekeeper award was created in 2000 and is presented annually to an outstanding member of the community who has exemplified a superior commitment to the process of peace and to conflict resolution.

In introducing Holbrook, William Downes, the 2010 recipient, said, “Every new idea needs gifted leaders to shepherd that idea into reality. We are extremely fortunate, as a community of dispute resolvers to have had this year’s recipient bring insight, wisdom and leadership to our field of work.” Speaking of Holbrook’s extensive service to creating the framework governing alternative dispute resolution in Utah, Downes continued, “he was the architect of the State Court Mediation Rules and Rules of Ethics, and so author of the rules we all follow today.”

Holbrook told the UCCR members “to attempt to understand and repay karmic debt of 42 years ago is my life’s focus.”  He thanked his Utah mediation family including Len Hawes and Nancy McGahey, as well as his wife Meghan Holbrook and Dean Hiram Chodosh for their support.

Holbrook also thanked the members of the Delhi High Court Mediation and Conciliation Centre and the Association of Indian Mediators who were in attendance at the Utah symposium, especially Niranjan Bhatt, Sadhana Ramachandran and JP Sengh for their efforts to establish mediation in India.

Along with a crystal sphere that is presented at the announcement of the award, a maple tree is planted at the International Peace Garden following the symposium.

Holbrook’s Remarks upon accepting the award can be read here.