Guiora Publishes Op-Eds in Two National Journals

Recently, Amos Guiora, a professor of law at the S.J. Quinney College of Law and counter-terrorism expert, published two articles on security and law in prominent national journals.

On Monday, July 13, Guiora published an article on that addresses the “legality, utility, and morality” of the targeted killing of terrorists.  The article, titled “License to Kill,” outlines the critical considerations that a decision-maker must face prior to authorizing a targeted killing.

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The same day, Guiora also published an op-ed on the Jurist website titled “Judicial Review and the Executive: Lessons from Israel.”  In the Jurist editorial, Guiora argues that had the U.S. judiciary adopted an active review of executive branch decisions concerning the use of force, “many of the Bush Administration policies (such as torture, military commissions, indefinite detention) would have been subjected to the strict scrutiny and bright lights they so deserved.”

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