Read the latest information on campus changes due to COVID-19 on the University of Utah’s central information portal.

The University of Utah is now in the orange phase, using operational guidelines developed by the Project Orange campus-wide working group. Please note that in the orange phase most work will continue to occur away from campus, with limited exceptions. For those who will be able to return to campus in the orange phase, this process will be gradual and begin primarily with research activities. In the orange phase, telecommuting should continue for most of our employees. In this phase, accommodations should be made for high-risk individuals. Our students will not be on campus.

The University of Utah will provide masks to all students, staff and faculty upon returning to campus this fall. Read more here.

Plans are underway to welcome students back to campus this fall. Read more here.

The College of Law is cancelling, postponing and adjusting several events as a result of the evolving nature of COVID-19.  Here’s a round-up of the latest changes.  Check back at a later date to find out more about when events will be rescheduled.

  • All legal sites connected to the College of Law’s Pro Bono Initiative will be closed in June.  This includes:  CLC-Ogden, Rainbow Law, Veterans Law, Street Law, Debtor’s Law & Family Law.
  • A reminder that the College of Law offers CLE credit through our video archive on the S.J. Quinney College of Law YouTube channel » This may be a helpful resource in the wake of the cancellation of the Utah State Bar convention.

Got a question related to the College of Law’s COVID-19 response? We will try to find an answer, if we can. The nature of this pandemic is moving quickly and we are adjusting information and responses accordingly. Email:

Here are some useful campus resources for students, faculty and staff.

See the return to campus website for the most current information:

A hybrid Fall 2020 Semester, with in-person classroom instruction beginning August 24 and finishing by Thanksgiving, November 26. The fall break (October 4-11) will be canceled and courses will be conducted either online or in-person. Following Thanksgiving, instruction will shift online from November 30 to December 3, with final exams held online December 7-11.  This shift to all-online instruction and exams after Thanksgiving is based on the strong advice of U of U Health epidemiologists and mirrors the approach of many of our national peers.

Academic Calendar
The University mandates that instructors hold classes during Fall Break, and that all courses must have remote instruction after Thanksgiving. The College of Law has decided to move its last day of classes to November 24 and adjusted the academic as follows:

Classes begin Monday, August 24
Last day to add, drop, Monday, August 31
COL F20-R2C 061820 Page 4
audit, or wait list
Tuition payment due Friday, September 4
Last day to withdraw Friday, October 23
Last day of classes Tuesday, November 24
Last day to elect CR/NC Tuesday, November 24
Thanksgiving Break Wednesday, November 25 to Friday, November 27
Reading period Saturday, November 28 to Tuesday, December 1
Examination period Wednesday, December 2 to December 11
Grades posted Monday, January 4

All midterm and final examinations will be held online using procedures announced to

Instructional Guidance

  • Whether a class is held in-person, online, or in hybrid mode, standard office hours must be held,

and if held in person, should be in an area that supports physical distancing. Online options are preferred.

  • Canvas must be used by ALL instructors for syllabi and class communications.
  • Faculty are encouraged to require students to sit in assigned seats to facilitate contact tracing, should it be needed.
  • All course syllabi should include the campus policy on the wearing of face coverings and physical distancing. These should include a pointer to the Student Affairs.

-Instructors who include any in-person elements in their course have a plan in place in the event the university needs to adjust back to an “Orange” or “Red” level at some point during the semester; communicate the plan to students so that they can prepare as well.


Remote work should continue to be encouraged.

Students who feel that they cannot physically return to campus:

  1. because of ADA accommodations, should proceed with the below ADA Accommodations process, as soon as possible.
  2. because they are high risk, or because of any other personal reasons, should set an appointment with Dean Marshall, as soon as possible.
  • ADA Accommodations

The University of Utah seeks to provide equal access to its programs, services, and activities for people with disabilities. If you will need accommodations, reasonable prior notice needs to be given to Dean Marshall, and the Center for Disability & Access (CDA). CDA offers the capability to complete new student intake forms and update existing files online using the CDA Client Portal. If you have questions relating to accommodations, you can contact CDA directly at (801) 581-5020 or you can use this online form. Dean Marshall will assist you with any ADA arrangements for CoL classes, or exams throughout the semester. Each semester you will fill out an ADA Exam Reschedule Petition once you have been made aware of your final exams schedule.

Only Come to Campus if You Are Healthy

  • You have had no fever for at least 72 hours (that is three full days of no fever without the use of medicine that reduces fevers), AND
  • You do not have any other flu-like symptoms (for example, cough or shortness of breath), AND
  • At least 10 days have passed since your symptoms first appeared, AND
  • You have not had contact with anyone who is COVID positive (including the 5 days before they were positive) for 14 days.

Physical Distancing (6 ft) Must Be Maintained

  • Maintain at least 6 ft of separation as often as possible. If this is not possible, face coverings must be worn.
  • Minimize face-to-face contacts and avoid large gatherings.

Use of Face Coverings on Campus Is Expected – Faculty and Staff safety training

  • Enhanced return-to-work protocols will be in place for all faculty, staff, and students. All personnel should complete the training course on returning to campus safely training course. Failure to complete this training may forfeit one’s ability to return to campus:

University Leadership is working with university medical researchers and providers to determine what form of testing protocol may be helpful as we return to campus.

These plans are based on the best current guidance from our colleagues at University of Utah Health and state and county health officials. Because the circumstances during this pandemic are dynamic and may change over the summer, we will continue to communicate any changes immediately and broadly. In the unfortunate event that we experience a COVID-19 outbreak during the fall semester, and a return to orange or red status as determined by the State of Utah, Salt Lake County, and Salt Lake City, once again classes will shift to an all-online format and access to campus spaces will be restricted.

Return to Campus: Please check this website throughout the summer for updates and other useful information.

With the above information in mind, please review the staff and guidelines outlined by the University

Building Access/Mail

  • If you have an immediate or essential need to access the building, you should make an appointment. Requests should go to delivery has been implemented to bring you the items you may need.
  • To ensure the health and safety of the few individuals working on-site, faculty and staff should not “walk-in” to the building without an appointment.
  • If you have an appointment to enter the building you must wear PPE (Mask and gloves), make your visit temporary, limit your travel within the building and stay out of areas where operational staff are working (the mailroom/ loading dock area).
  • Mail – Individuals concerned about mail being delivered to the building can submit inquiries at Maggi Spight and Dan Burn have been heroically alternating days, sifting through mail as it comes in these past weeks. If you would like to collect a package, or an important item mailed to the College please make an appointment with for you via curbside pickup.


Please also review our FAQs below.

  • Will the College of Law building remain open during the pandemic?
    • The College of Law building is closed. If law students have no other option but to come to the law school to study and/or participate in online classes, they may do so as long as they practice responsible social distancing, hand-washing and hygiene practices. In all instances, if students feel even a little unwell, please stay home and avoid the building. Students will be limited to a small section of the building.

  • What are the hours of the Faust Law Library in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak?
    • The Law Library is physically closed and library staff are working remotely. We encourage you to submit reference questions via email to or call the Reference Desk at (801) 581-6184 during Business Hours. Please do not leave a message – try calling another time or send an email.  There will be no services onsite for public patrons; library services are available remotely.
  • How do I access databases off campus? (For current law students and faculty)

    • To access databases from off-campus, go to the Law Library webpage at and use either the Database Quick Links menu, or go to the A-Z database list. Clicking on Heinonline, Nexis Uni, or any of the databases in the A-Z list with a “U” next to it will take you to your campus login page. Once you’re logged in, you should be able to access the database.Continue to use your own individual logins for Bloomberg Law, Westlaw, and Lexis  for access to those databases when you’re off-campus.
    • If you need assistance with your database accounts, contact Suzanne Darais.
    • For login technical support, contact Valeri Craigle.
  • Can I access textbooks on course reserve?
    • There will be no physical course reserves for the spring semester.
  • I have a spring event booked at the College of Law. What do I do?
  • Can I get a refund back on any event deposits if it was canceled because of COVID-19-related issues?
    • Yes.
  • I’m a law student and don’t know how the campus changes affect extra-curricular activities related to externships, CDO activities, student organizations and other law school happenings. Who can I talk to if I’m a student and I don’t know whether I should attend something or not because of COVID-19?
    • The situation is changing regularly.  You will likely hear from advisors and faculty with more information. Contact Assistant Dean of Student Affairs Leilani Marshall directly with additional questions and concerns (


Curbside Pick-up
Curbside pickup is available for all individual wishing to collect mail, items from print services, office items, and library deliveries. Appointments can be made through

Classroom considerations
Furniture has been reduced and rooms have been marked and set in distanced layouts in accordance with University guidelines. Furniture should not be moved. Instructors must assign seats and take daily attendance of students onsite and offsite for COVID-19 tracking and tracing purposes. Individuals in classrooms should wear face coverings. If possible, faculty and students should enter the room through one door and exit through a separate door. Faculty and students should clean their chair and workspace at the start of each class with wipes to be provided in each classroom. It is strongly recommended that classrooms be scheduled for University courses only. Discontinue scheduling classrooms for student study, campus groups/clubs/organizations, and tutoring.

Breakrooms and Kitchen area considerations
Individuals should stagger meals and breaks to avoid congregating around food prep equipment and sinks. Maintain six feet of distance between people in the area. Practice good food prep hygiene by washing your hands or using hand sanitizer before and after food preparation. Clean and sanitize shared equipment. Do not share food with others and do not leave food or food storage in common areas overnight. Consider eating outdoors weather permitting.  Regularly disinfect high-touch areas.

After a positive case of COVID-19 occurs emergency cleaning will be undertaken. All building areas that the individual has come in to contact with will be disinfected. The affected area will be vacated until the community is told it has been disinfected and is safe to return. Learn more here.

Reserving a space for an event may not be possible during Fall 2020 due to unique COVID-19 operational considerations. All spaces have been prioritized for classes. Any request will require that you fill out an event form and gain approval from College of Law Administration.

Face coverings
Face coverings are REQUIRED in all campus buildings and outside on campus grounds when maintaining 6-feet of physical distance is not possible. The university is providing a face covering to every student, staff, and faculty member. Campus community members may also wear a covering of their choosing.

Face covering guidelines
Wash your hands before handling your face covering; handle by the ear loops or ties; ensure covering is over your nose and mouth and is secure enough to not allow space on the sides; do not put on your neck or forehead; avoid touching face when removing covering; washing after every use using regular detergent and warmest appropriate water temperature; disposable coverings should be used for one day then thrown away. All College of Law students, staff, and faculty have received a face mask from both the University and the College of Law. Disposable masks are available at the Level 1, 2, and 4 help desks if an individual forgets theirs.

Face covering enforcement
Students who disregard the expectation to wear face coverings may be in violation of the Student Code1 and can be referred to the Office of the Dean of Students. Faculty and staff are encouraged first to discuss concerns with the student(s) involved; however, when appropriate, may refer a student to the Office of the Dean of Students at 801-581- 7066 or University community members may also submit public reports via the dean of students website

More information
Reporting Resources

Hand sanitizer
A large bottle of hand sanitizer will be provided in common areas of buildings. Marriott Library and other multi-use buildings will provide centralized sanitizing “stations.”

Disinfecting wipes will be provided in wall-mounted boxes in common areas so students can take one as they enter classrooms to wipe down their desks.

building cleaning schedule

Hand washing
Wash with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or, if that is not possible, use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. Key times to clean hands are before and after work shifts or breaks; after blowing your nose, coughing, sneezing, or using a restroom; before eating or preparing food; after putting on, touching, or removing cloth face coverings.

High-risk employee retirement program
The High-Risk Employee Retirement Program (“HRE RP”) allows faculty and staff members to fully retire from the university with financial assistance and/or health coverage for a limited period of time. Because this option requires payment by your current department, this option is not a right and is subject to departmental approval. Full Retirement options become available at the end of the HRE RP participation.

 Human Resources
All information about human resources questions can be found via the button below.
Human Resources Coronavirus Hub
Click the button below for all information about library hours and services.
Library Information

Mail is delivered and sorted in the Level 2 Mail room by designated staff twice weekly. Staff will contact you if you have received anything that needs to be picked up via e-mail.  Individuals can collect mail from their level 4 mailbox or request curbside pick-up through

On-Campus Office work Guidelines
Remote work should continue to be encouraged.
Whenever possible, temporary work adjustments should be made for employees in high-risk categories.
Take steps to minimize the number of individuals in the office at any given time, such as rotating shifts and staggering schedules.
More information from human resources

On-site Staffing Plan
Service and support will be available Monday thru Friday 7:00am-7:00pm and closed on the weekends (door will be closed on MLS Saturdays, but support personnel will be scheduled in the building). Our goal is to have support onsite for any classes, students, faculty, building, and library needs that arise in our hybrid environment.  We want to be available but keep staffing at a minimum each day to reduce the risk of infection and ensure most of our workforce and support are off-site to keep continuity of service strong.  Each day will have SOS staff at both service desks and a core group (a mix of operations, IT, and events staff) along with an on-call librarian to address any need that might arise onsite.

These individuals will be cross trained in key building operational tasks, basic classroom technology troubleshooting, essential faculty support onsite tasks, scheduling, and variety of other possible departmental needs. These individuals will serve as coordinators for College of Law daily operations. These positions are not to serve as replacements for the many other staff who will be coordinating efforts from home, they are supplemental to these efforts and an onsite conduit to off-site resources. Support questions or requests can be sent to

Orange Phase
Orange is identified as the moderate risk phase of the state of Utah color-coded health guidance system. In Orange, the public should take extreme precautions, wear face coverings, follow strict hygiene standards, minimize in-person in favor of virtual interactions and maintain a physical distance of 6 feet from others when outside the home. In addition to state guidelines, a full list of campus guidelines for the Orange phase can be found here.

Mutual Responsibility
To maintain health and safety on campus, students, faculty, and staff must take shared responsibility for maintaining physical distance; wearing face coverings; keeping classroom, public workspaces, and office spaces clean; and self-reporting any illness.

Beginning Aug. 3, 2020, all parking lots will be enforced as usual. Anyone parking on campus must have a permit, purchase a day pass or pay the hourly visitor parking fee. The Merrill Engineering Lot and the Shoreline Garage will no longer offer general parking beginning Aug. 3, 2020.

For more information visit Commuter Services.

Personal Protective Equipment
PPE is available for departmental use. Items are stored in the Level 3 storage closet and are distributed throughout the building (classrooms, open study areas, copiers, kitchens, and hallways). Items are not to betaken and stored in personal offices.
PPE Information

Personal Travel
We continue to encourage you, when considering your personal travel choices, to follow travel advisories issued by your local and state authorities. If you choose to travel, you may be restricted from returning to work depending upon the specifics of your circumstances.

NOTE: Upon return, ALL INDIVIDUALS are expected to submit a “Returning Traveler Self-Reporting Form” by following the instructions here:

Questions regarding this restriction/exception procedures may be submitted using our ASK US form.

Print and Mail services
College of Law Operations is discouraging large print jobs or numerous individuals using communal copiers/printers onsite. We hope that most of your materials are easily found and used online but we understand that there are time you will need these services and hope that some of the options below help to give you a safe approach to achieve your objectives.

College of Law students, staff, and faculty needing large print jobs printed Fall 2020 semester can send them to University Print and Mail services and administration will offset the cost for this service.

Where:  The south side of building 350, room 135 (VRTUSB)
Hours: M-F (curbside) 8:00am-5:30pm, M-F (walk-in)

      • E-mail pdf. of your document to Print and Mail 24 hours in advance of your need
      • Arrive in front of the building or park to walk in
      • To pick up Print Projects, call 801-581-6171
      • Provide the following:
        • Your name
        • Department 00096
        • Vehicles make/model/color
        • Show the handler your ID to verify package/project ownership (Individuals must pick up their own jobs)
        • Individuals can use department code or pay cash for print jobs if they wish.

Please visit print and mail’s emergency information page for up-to-date information regarding store operations, and global mail updates.

Physical distancing
Sometimes called social distancing, our preferred term is physical distancing. The goal of physical distancing—staying a minimum of 6-feet apart—is to help us keep from infecting others and slow the spread of coronavirus. A distance of 6-feet will be maintained in classes, laboratories, studios and other in-person courses and activities and restricted traffic patterns will be established in hallways.
Limit close contact with others. If you are in a space with other people, remain at least 6-feet apart.
Reduce unnecessary trips.
Practice good hygiene while in public. Clean frequently touched surfaces, avoid shaking hands and touching things unnecessarily, wash your hands frequently, and avoid touching your face.
Get fresh air and exercise while maintaining physical distance from others.

Required trainings
Staff and faculty should complete the “Return to Campus Safely Training and Attestation.”
staff & faculty training

Students should complete the “Staying Healthy in a Changing Environment” online training via Community Standards Courses tile in CIS (available in August)
Student training

Study spaces
Open study areas are available on a first come first serve basis. All surfaces must be cleaned by individuals after each use. To view a list of all classrooms, meeting spaces, etc. that are booked each day, please refer to the classroom schedule.

Temporary hiring freeze
Effective April 28, the University of Utah instituted a temporary hiring freeze.
Hiring freeze information

On-campus office work is allowed for Fall 2020 but should be minimized. Remote work should continue to be encouraged for personnel who are not essential or mandatory employees. Accommodations should be made so that high-risk personnel can work from home. Take steps to minimize the number of individuals in the office at any given time, such as rotating shifts and staggering schedules. Employees who will primarily telecommute should complete the following form.
Telecommuting form

Library of resources