College of Law to Be Shaken By Great Utah ShakeOut Earthquake Drill on April 17

It’s no secret that the Wasatch fault slices through the Salt Lake Valley, and one need only look up at the foothills and mountains above the U to see evidence of how prehistoric seismic activity has left an indelible mark on the area, including the uplift that produced our spectacular Wasatch Mountains.

 Less obvious is what to do in the event that Wasatch fault moves, resulting in buckling and breaking of the earth’s surface, otherwise known as an earthquake.  Do you (1) race mindlessly in circles?; (2) dive for cover under the nearest table, desk, or other apparently solid object; or (3) await instructions?

 The answers to these and other questions will be answered on Tuesday, April 17, at 10:15 a.m., when the University of Utah will participate in the Great Utah Shake-out, a 45-minute statewide emergency evacuation exercise.  The purpose of the exercise is to practice safe procedures in the event of a major earthquake (which obviously cannot be scheduled or adequately predicted).

Organizers of the drill stress that the safety of U students, faculty and staff is of the utmost importance and urge your participation and full cooperation. They ask that you respond as if your life and the lives of your colleagues depend on it.

 Here’s what will happen:

On April 17th at 10:15 a.m., the Campus Alert System will issue an earthquake alert via email, telephone, cellphones and texts.  (If you have not set your campus alert notice preferences, please click here for instructions.)

Your response to that alert should be:

Drop, Cover, Hold

Shortly thereafter, you will receive an alert to evacuate the building. Your response to that alert should be to make your way to, and sign in at, the College’s designated Emergency Assembly Point (EAP) in the Stadium Parking Lot as quickly as possible. 

 When the All Clear is given, you may safely return to the law buildings and resume usual activities.