College of Law ranked sixth in the nation for Public Interest

PreLaw_Cover_Winter2016The Winter 2016 issue of PreLaw magazine ranked the S.J. Quinney College of Law sixth in the nation for Public Interest law in their annual issue, “Best Schools for Public Service.” The College of Law scored right behind Stanford, Pace University, UC Berkeley and others in preparing law students with a strong tradition of public service.

So who stands up for the little guy? In many cases, that would be a lawyer. And some law schools with a strong tradition of public service are known for producing this type of lawyer. Many of their graduates take jobs at legal aid agencies and government offices or work as public defenders and prosecutors. They also clerk for federal and state judges.

PreLaw magazine sought to identify the law schools that do the best job of preparing students for careers in public service. We looked at job placement data, school curricula, debt, salary and loan repayment options and identified 20 schools that make the honor roll for each of three categories: public interest, government and public defenders/prosecutors.

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