College of Law Faculty Score Three of the Top Six Environmental Law Articles for 2014


Robert Adler

University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law Dean Bob Adler, Professor Robin Craig, and former Visiting Assistant Professor Sanne Knudsen scored three of the top six slots in the annual Land Use and Environmental Law Review for the period covered by the forthcoming 2015-16 volume.


Robin Craig

A panel of environmental law faculty from across the nation narrowed over 100 articles down to 20 finalists, and from that group another panel of legal scholars selected the final six articles for republication in the review. According to Thomson Reuters, the review’s publisher, “the anthology represents the most insightful thinking on a wide range of current and emerging land use and development issues.”

Adler’s article “The decline and (possible) renewal of aspiration in the Clean Water Act,” was published in the Washington Law Review. Craig’s article, co-written with J.B. Ruhl, “Designing administrative law for adaptive management,” was published in the Vanderbilt Law Review. Knudsen’s article, “The long-term tort: in search of a new causation framework for natural resource damages,” was published in the Northwestern University Law Review.


Sanne Knudsen

“We are pleased to learn that our colleagues are being recognized for their excellent scholarship with republication of their recent law journal articles in the Land Use and Environment Law Review,” said Bob Keiter, Director of the College of Law’s Wallace Stegner Center for Land, Resources and the Environment. “This represents another testament to the cutting edge research that is occurring at the law school’s Stegner Center.”