College of Law Announces Creation of Global J.D. Program

December 17, 2009 — Dean Hiram Chodosh of the University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law announced today that the College of Law has created a new Global J.D. program that will train foreign lawyers in the United States.

“The U’s new Global J.D. program will provide foreign lawyers who have already completed law school at a foreign university with a rigorous curriculum, in-depth exposure to U.S., transnational, and international law, and extensive leadership and integrated career development opportunities,” Chodosh said.

In contrast to alternative programs for foreign lawyers, participating students will enroll in all required first year courses at the College, which will place the students on an equal playing field with other first year law students and provide invaluable socialization and integration into the College of Law community. After completion of the first-year curriculum and posting of grades, that student’s performance at the College of Law will be evaluated. Based on that evaluation and a review of the students’ foreign law school academic record, the College will determine whether to grant up to a year’s worth of credits for the student’s prior educational training. The Global J.D. students will focus their first summer and second year on advanced training in a specialized area, including innovation (technology commercialization), environmental law, health law, criminal justice, family law, and global justice (human rights and the rule of law).

Foreign lawyers who wish to apply for the Global J.D. Program will be required to take both the LSAT and TOEFL and apply through the College’s usual application process. An interview will also be conducted, either in-person or via video conference, to evaluate all candidates’ English comprehension and language skills.

The College will provide program participants with various support mechanisms, including all necessary counseling, planning, and support for implementation of the student’s plan, and any required English language instruction as well as support from the University’s International Center.

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