Brown Presents on MRI in the Courtroom at Radiological Medicine Conference

On April 20, Teneille Brown, Associate Professor of Law at the University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law, presented a videotaped lecture “MRI in the Courtroom,” at the International Society for Radiological Medicine’s (ISMRM) Annual Meeting and Exhibition in Salt Lake City.

Brown explains that, “The conference is for scientists who use radiological neuroimaging, and I presented on recent uses of functional MRI in civil and criminal courts.”

In the words of the Overview, “This course will consider the potential of MR neuroimaging to provide robust and reliable information at the level of individuals. Although some MRI methods have been highly effective in this context (e.g., conspicuity of certain types of tumors, vascular abnormalities or lesions), the vast majority of techniques are currently only effective at the group level. This course will consider the challenges at the single subject level (e.g., normal population variability), overview the methodological approaches that have been proposed and clarify the requirements for single-subject neuroimaging across a spectrum of applications in basic and clinical neuroscience.”