3L Publishes Article Examining Islamic and Mormon Polygamy

Nate Olsen, a 3L at the University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law, recently published an article in the inaugural issue of the Intermountain West Journal of Religious Studies, a new student-edited journal at Utah State University.

Olsen’s article, “Marriage and Divorce in Islamic and Mormon Polygamy,” came out of Professor Chibli Mallat’s Middle Eastern Law class.  While Olsen was looking for a paper topic, Mallat suggested he undertake a comparison between Islam and Mormonism. 

“Many people have already written about the similarities between the two religions, such as the founding revelations, the theocratic governments and the practice of polygamy,” Olsen said. “One aspect that had escaped attention was how the two religions set up regulations within polygamy to protect wives from its most  inegalitarian aspects, and to prevent husbands from completely dominating their wives.”

 Olsen, himself a distant descendant of Mormon polygamists, said he found the shared concern for protecting wives fascinating.