2L Hansen Chosen as a Finalist in Carnegie Council Essay Contest

Gage2L Gage Hansen has been chosen a finalist in the Carnegie Council’s Trans-Pacific Student Essay Contest on “Ethics for a Connected World.” His essay on the U.S.-China impasse over Syria, a collaboration with Jasper Wong Yun Guang  of Singapore, will be featured in an edited compilation of 12 finalists. There were more than 100 collaborative entries from the United States and 16 Asian countries.

Deen Chatterjee, Senior Fellow of Law at the University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law and a Global Ethics Fellow of the Carnegie Council, coordinated the student entries from the College and helped the Council in promoting the contest.

Click here to read Hansen’s winning essay.

Earlier, Chatterjee had selected Hansen as the Carnegie Council’s Ethics Fellow for the Future for the year 2013-14.