Chatterjee to Present from Forthcoming Text on Peace and Global Justice

Deen Chatterjee, Senior Fellow of Law at the S.J. Quinney College of Law, will present excerpts from his book manuscript on peace and global justice at an invited symposium on Preventive Force and Targeted Killing at Loyola Marymount University on April 14-15. Chatterjee’s idea of just peace as preventive non-intervention critiques the just-war provision of preventive intervention. For Chatterjee, the just-war paradigm is based on the ideal of sovereign equality enshrined in international law and justice, whereas the just-peace model that he is developing in the book is an instance of global justice, which is predicated on the more challenging premise of human equality.

In May, Chatterjee will participate in an invited workshop on just-war theory at Stockholm University in Sweden. He will also speak at the inaugural conference of the Stockholm Centre for the Ethics of War and Peace. On both occasions, he will draw on his book manuscript on peace and global justice.

Chatterjee is also writing a textbook on global justice, which will be published by the University of Edinburgh Press and marketed in North America by Oxford University Press. Chatterjee’s reason for publishing such a textbook is based on his observation that though “global justice” has become a buzz word, it is a highly misunderstood concept, even among scholars. As Chatterjee puts it, it is like Stephen Hawking’s book, A Brief History of Time, which is widely sold but seldom read or understood. For Chatterjee, global justice is a new and promising dimension of liberalism as it encounters the challenges of globalization. He believes that students need to be introduced to this important concept in a systematic and reasoned format.