More Tips on How to Success at your Summer Legal Experience

Last week, PDO featured tips from area attorneys on how to succeed in your summer legal experience, whether it is a clinic, job, or pro bono project (Link to that article is HERE).  This week, we have just a few more tips for you, from an area government attorney (and alumni) who has also worked in a firm and done a judicial clerkship.  

Tip 1: Communicate. If you do not understand an assignment, ask questions until you are sure you have enough information to begin productive work. Lawyers often assume too much knowledge on the part of summer associates and interns. It is better to just confess ignorance and seek education than to proceed down the wrong path. It is also helpful to check-in with attorneys who have assigned projects to make sure that projects are on track.

Tip 2: Be Eager Without Being Obnoxious. It is very gratifying when summer associates/interns are excited about the work they are performing. Express interest and enthusiasm about projects. Keep in mind, however, that attorneys are busy and an over-eager or over-excited summer associate or intern can occasionally come off as pestering for assignments or wasting time seeking guidance that is not truly needed.