Mid-OCI Report


Here is what employers have said so far….

They have been very impressed with your demeanors and professionalism.

Attire has been generally good and appropriately formal.

A few notes for the skirt-wearing set—if you wear a skirt, it may be best to err on the side of wearing pantyhose, in case your employer is on the conservative side (as much as you may not like to wear them).  Also, watch it when you cross and uncross your legs if you are wearing a skirt.  Keep your knees together.  Or avoid crossing your legs and just cross your ankles.  Or wear a pants-suit.

One bit of advice—if it is on your resume, be prepared to talk about it on a deeper note.  If you say you do something as a hobby, make it sound like a fun thing to do!

Be excited about your interview.  Show a little bit of energy, even if you are nervous.

Make sure you sound like you want to be at the type of employer with whom you are interviewing (firm or government or public interest) for the longer-term, and would be very happy in the geographic area where they are.  Don’t talk about the potential employer as a stepping stone to another employer or field.