Mentor Social Photos & Mentoring Program Information

Nearly 50 area attorneys and 75 law students attended last week’s Attorney-Student Mentor Program Kickoff Social.  PDO was impressed by the professionalism of the students who attended.  Click on the link below to view photos and review information about the program!

You can still sign up to participate in the program by clicking on this link (ignore the part about RSVP-ing for the social)—

Mentor-mentee matches will be made by mid-October, and you will have the opportunity to contact and meet with your mentor throughout the year.  The program’s Attorney Directors will match students with an attorney mentor, roughly based on backgrounds and interests.  Bear in mind you will not always get someone who matches your precise career goals—and that is OK!  Your goals may change, but even if they don’t, these attorneys will be there to help with school, networking, and other things that don’t depend on whether you both want to practice in the same area.

The involvement which takes place after that primarily depends on your efforts and the mentor’s schedule.  At a minimum, the mentor/mentee pairs should meet at least one time in person (such as for lunch or coffee) but can meet more often if they choose (such as once or twice a semester).  The pairs should also be open to communication via email and phone calls.  In spring semester, there may be a social or a service project to bring students and attorneys together.  Last year, some mentor pairs volunteered with members of the S.J. Quinney Young Alumni Organization for a morning service project at a Head Start facility in Salt Lake.   If you are wondering what your responsibilities are as a mentee, please read the attorney-student mentoring program introduction article that was previously published in the Career Brief by clicking HERE